According to Carbon trust figures, commercial and industrial lighting consumes an estimated 20% of all electrical energy generated in the UK. In most organisations lighting accounts for around 20-40% of total electricity costs, so it’s no small overhead. A vast majority of commercial and industrial lighting is a fluorescent, which now can be optimised, thanks to the SavaLight, resulting in substantial savings in running costs and CO2 emissions.

what is a savalight?

Savalight is an intelligent controller for saving power on lighting loads. savalight reduces power used by fluorescent, high bay and discharge type lighting normally by 25-35% with minimal effect on light level. It offers an attractive payback of 12 to 24 months depending on usage and the price of your electric.


features summary

• Saves 25%-40% of lighting power cost
• Made in the UK
• Easy to retro-fit; simple, quick installation
• No modification of light fittings required
• No limit to the number of units installed
• System-wide failure is not possible
• Current sensing for stable lamp switching
• Voltage sensing; ‘brownout’ minimisation
• Extends life of tube, ballast and fitting
• Reduced temperature of light fittings
• Optional Light Harvesting and Occupancy sensors

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